Monday, October 17, 2011

This is how I make coffee in my office

I have a number of coffee making items in my coffee cupboard. My favourite is the Bodum pourover but the Clever Coffee Dripper runs a close second when I just need a small serve.


  1. Hey Grendel

    If you haven't yet been, get along to Bench Espresso (Hay St, CBD across from FESA). This is Vanessa Moore's (ex-Epic) new baby and is sure to please.


  2. Looks like a more interesting coffee making device than what we have at work :)

  3. Wow! Love the way you have coffee in the office. For us it is the microwave as coffee makers are not allowed.

  4. That looks like a picture from a mad-scientist's lab ---- not an office cubicle environment! :)

    Just kidding ---- I bet the coffee tastes a TON better than what your co-workers pick up from the office coffee maker.

  5. More interesting dude! Will buy this kind of device sooner.

  6. Hi,

    I've never seen anything like that so I am super curious - where do you get your kitchen tools and accessories? It seems like you have an eye for excellent quality, based on the pictures you posted. Me? I get them only from They have the finest selections and fantastic deals ever. However, yours looks promising as well so I might want to buy one as well.

    Nice blog you have right here. I'll definitely come back for more.


  7. Interesting coffee making.. thanks for sharing