Sunday, March 06, 2011


Coffee education is important.

Education generally is right up there on my list of priorities and science educations probably highest of all, but coffee follows pretty high on my personal list.

People teaching me about coffee is something I enjoy, and I like to pass on the information - via this blog or other forums.

Last night at Lowdown was enjoyment and education rolled into one. Mark and Adam Lowes hosted the event presented by Kamran and Louise of Fiori Coffee. It was a great opportunity to learn more, and in one of Perth's best small cafes.

Lowdown have been innovative since their beginning and continue to bring a passion to coffee that is welcome in the CBD.

Lowdown, and Fiori Coffee are exemplars of why events like EatDrinkPerth will grow from year to year, quality, commitment and the willingness to share their love of all good things.