Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gabriel Chocolate, Margaret River

Any foodie travelling south from Perth to Margaret River is likely to have stopped at a variety of places seeking elusive amazing new tastynoms. My recent trip south included several discoveries worth a mention.

The first, and in many ways the most significant is Gabriel Chocolate. All we knew of it was a mark on a map, a splash page we found online and that they had chocolate. When entering the building I glanced through a glass panel and saw sacks. Of cocoa beans. Unroasted.

No one, to the best of my knowledge, roasts cocoa beans in Western Australia. Except me, just once for LOLs.

Gabriel roasts the cocoa, hand sorts, grinds, conchs, tempers and pours. That is, they actually make chocolate, not just blend courveture or enrobe things to make truffles.

Better yet they use single origin cocoa beans of great quality that have characteristic flavours.

It has been open just a matter of weeks and quite obviously they are still just working up the premises which is still requiring finishing touches, but the chocolate...

Yeah, there were maybe a few particles larger than 20 microns that I noticed, and their sample trays had obvious tempering fails but regardless of any minor teething flaws, Western Australia now has a genuine chocolate producer using high quality ingredients and rare bean stocks.

Beside me right now is slightly less than 85g of a bar of Chuao (missing only the little I took for a tiny taste! I could resist no longer), from a remote microclimate region in Venezuala where the beans fetch up to four times market price for their uniform quality. Only 20 tonnes are produced annually and Gabriel in Margaret River managed to acquire one tonne, remarkable for a new company competing for a bean that has been the battleground of Valrhona and Amedei.

This is bean to bar chocolate, superbly prepared and a new chocolate experience. If you are going to Margaret River I think you really need to add a visit to this tiny producer of amazing things.

As a bonus, if you drive out of Gabriel's driveway and into the driveway immediately opposite you will drive into our next discovery - Windows Estate.

Gabriel are located on the corner of Caves Road and Quininup Road in Margaret River and can be contacted on:

Email: heaven@gabrielchocolate.com.au
Phone: 08 9756 6689
Web: http://www.gabrielchocolate.com.au/


  1. Thanks for sharing here on your blog --- I enjoyed this post, and I forward to more.

  2. Nice post!!

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  3. thanks for the post! sounds good to me.

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  5. I agree - lovely chocolate but why won't they let you sample it? When I was there on the Australia Day long weekend we popped in. I was told that "I am not allowed to open any other bars than what we have out" when I asked to try a different sort. Most people (myself included) probably have not tasted real chocolate like this before and are wary about spending the sort of money that they are asking without having tried it first. It is a shame because I was prepared to buy more (I bought 3 bars) and so they lost a sale....

  6. finally I got around to visiting. we very much enjoyed the purple Equador milk choc. and I liked the cocoa nibs. i got a dark choc sea salt as well. i hope to return.

  7. Totally agree with Michelle - I paid a visit and the Equador milk chocolate is absolutely divine:)

  8. Gabriels is amazing chocolate, and usually has tastings so surprised you missed out. There is also another local producer now called Bahen and Co. They have some amazing chocolate also. Their Almond and Sea Salt is stunning. Well worth checking out too. (no shop but you can find their chocolate in some wineries and outlets around the region, google "Bahen and Co"). Thanks for sharing and when you go into Windows Estate ask which chocolate goes with which wine?? a whole new experience.

  9. Thank you for sharing. A chocolate enrober will remove all the manual labor involved with hand dipping products into chocolate. They also will chocolate enrobe the product more evenly than when performed by hand.

  10. Went there several times before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area and it's chocolate heaven for all people with sweet tooth!

  11. Wow! Gabriel Chocolate seems to be really delicious, Grendel. Will definitely make it a part of our offering in the party we're holding next weekend. We hired a catering company in Perth , hope they can make a way to include it on the menu.

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