Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It happened again!

Only a day or so after bemoaning the all to soon passing of a great apricot flavour in a coffee I go out today with Alchemist (a fellow CoffeeSnob) to Elixir - and try a Yirga Cheffe that they had as a single origin and there it is again - more peach than apricot but still that sharp tangy stonefruit and utterly delicious flavour.

This time I know what the bean is however!

It is the Koke Coop Yirga Cheffe roasted by Five Senses who have coaxed out everything that is good in this bean. Jonny at Elixir poured a shot of this for me and then the power went out in the whole suburb - I thought I'd jinxed their machine but it was not I how shut down power to Nedlands today! The coffee is amazing and I know they only had a tiny amount left in their hopper so I would be surprised if there is any left but even so it was great experience trying this coffee roasted professionally and prepared by a master.

It is also a great relief to know this is not just a fluke occurrence but a quality that is cropping up in specific Ethiopian coffees - each time I have experienced this it has been distinct and enjoyable - not something I would use with milk as on tis own the character is too much fun.


  1. You've intrigued me enough with this that I have just ordered myself some of this coffee from their website. Perhaps this is just what I need to ween myself off stone fruit now that winter is coming?

  2. Perhaps! Pour the shots very tight - ristretto seems to work best with this coffee. I looked the other day on the website and did not see the Koke - I will have to go back and look again!

  3. I had it in a trad Cap... it was SOOO good. Then my colleague had five shots of it while I was on break and came back to NOTHING. Bah Humbug.

  4. Well, that'll teach me for trusting my brain to work immediately post-lunch. Yes, the Koke doesn't seem to be on the website but at least I'll have some freshly roasted coffee soon at my doorstep. Will keep your tip in mind should I actually get some of these magical beans.